“Get correct views on life, and learn to see the world in its true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly, to do good, and when summoned away, to leave without regret .”

Twins Manager Bill Hauser



Iron Man – Jaxon Masterson
Golden Glove – Nolan Lawrence
Batting Champ – Dillon Sullivan
Cy Young – Conner Elliot



The Fuquay-Varina Twins are one of North Carolina’s most recognized Collegiate Summer League team and charter member of the wood bat Carolina Collegiate League (CCL) The Twins play a 45+ game regular season summer schedule starting the end of May through Mid August.

The Twins are North Carolina’s only remaining representative tie to the historic Tobacco State league still playing. With over 100 years of baseball history, the Twins continue to be a showcase of regional baseball talent as one of the most competitive wood bat summer collegiate teams in all of North Carolina. 

The Twins originated as a Class B Minor League team within various league affiliations, and played through out the greater tri-state piedmont and coastal regions from 1920-1969. In 1970 they reformatted and joined the National Baseball Congress as a Semi-Pro team which was made up of current and former College, American Legion/High School, and Minor League players.



Before the end of 1970 there was one more important change for the and it was one of importance and longevity that stands to this day. In honor of the 1963 merging of the twin cities/townships Fuquay Springs, and Varina. While not not stated in the “history books”,  it may have also been inspired, or at least a tip of the cap, in honor of another former North Carolina minor league team, the 1908 Winston-Salem Twins of the Carolina Association.  During the 1970’s the Twins earned a reputation for being the hard nosed under dog team of the greater Triangle region. If your was going to go to the championship, you had to get past the Twins. As the Twin’s reputation of always showing up to play hard  became their unstated moniker, it was hard not to notice a particular hard hitting outfielder the charge more and more each season. That outfielder was William R. Hauser, (Bill or Billy if you had his respect), and his association with Twins was far from over when the last out of his last game was recorded. 


In 1984, Bill Hauser decided to forge a new path for the Twins, and took over the team as both Manager and Owner. Hauser continues in this role of passion to this very day. With Bill’s new vision for his team and league, he decided, along with the other league board members, to adopt American League rules and joined the National Baseball Congress. By the late 1990s, the Twins were anchor members of the “Eastern North Carolina Semi-Professional Baseball League”. To rekindle the spirit of their roots, and to attract more college players and scouts, the Twins returned to wood bat play in 1999.

In 1999, after realizing the league name needed to be shortened, the Twins played in the newly named ‘Eastern North State Baseball League’ (ENSBL). To rekindle the spirit of their minor league roots, and to attract more college talent and scouts, the Twins, and all team members of the ENSBL returned to wood bats and reaffiliated under the National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF). From 2000-2007 the Twins remained one of the top teams in the league as manager Bill Hauser was attracting more college, and post collegiate talent including the 1999 first overall MLB draft pick Josh Hamilton who played with the Twins in 2005

As the tides of summer ball continued to drift, and more and more Semi-Pro teams in the ENSBL started to disband, the decision was made by Twins Manager and League Commissioner Bill Hauser to become strictly a collegiate summer team in 2007.  Shortly after the Twins joined the Carolina-Virginia Summer Collegiate League (CVSCL).



Carolina Collegiate League

In 2021, the Twins, and four other former NC based CVSCL teams, made the decision to reduce the number of extended road trips for away games and all the expenses associated in response to their players feed back. The result was the birth of the Carolina Collegiate League (CCL).

The CCL current teams are: the Fuquay-Varina Twins, Lillington Pirates, Augusta Klutch and Greensboro Ducks. The Twins, along with the other league members are comprised of some of the countries best  NCAA DI-DIII, NJCAA/JUCO, NAIA and NCBA baseball players.

Players interested in playing for the Twins should contact manager Bill Hauser and fill out and sign the Player Registration Contract Application.



Since 2012, under the direction of Coach Hauser, the Twins have won 4 League Championship Tournaments,  4 Regular Season Titles, and three 2nd place League Tournament finishes. Additionally, 5 Twin players have received the League MVP award, and 3 players have won the Cy Young award.

Since becoming a fully collegiate team, the Twins have never finished the tournament to less than 3rd place in league tournament play, truly establishing a “Legacy of Excellence”.
The legacy lives on as Coach Bill Hauser continues giving his time and effort bettering the lives of young men in the role he has loved since 1984.

Twins For Life! – Bill Hauser 1984




“Loyalty above all , except honor.”





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