In the Early days 1987-1999 the team was semi-pro and in the National Baseball Congress. After the regular season we would go to the N.C.N.B.C. open tournament in the East. Mr. Evans of Dudley held the license for that. That being said it was an open tourney. About 1990 it was held in Garner at the old high school field. We got matched up against the Rocky Mount Down East A’s. They were all black and wore Oakland A’s major league uniforms and caps. They were sharp, including the tag on the caps. We started Warren Hall, lefty out of E.C.U pitching to Kenney Pullen also of E.C.U. The A’s started a tall, thin lefty out of St. Augustines who threw 95 steady. The A’s went up 2 early, but Kevin Cummings came up to the plate and hit a two run shot that went out of right across the street and parking lot to hit N. Garner Middle. Each time Kevin came up to bat after that, the first time he was hit and the third time almost hit. When Kevin reached 3rd he said “Bill if that ______ throws at me again I am going to shove my 36’’ black magic up his ___”. Sure enough, 5th time up he threw at him again. Kevin started walking toward the mound. Joe Mills yelled “Hey, hey, hey”. The other team came out of the dugout and after I inquired about their team insurance, they relented. Kevin stopped in front of the mound and the “A” in the back of the mound. After the play resumed, Kevin walked the rest of the game. In the top of the 11th with Jeremy Pleasant on 2nd and Trillt Jones on 3rd, N.C.S.U centerfielder Derrick Clay came to the plate. Derrick scorched one straight at 3rd but up about 9’. Somehow the 5’6’’ 3rd baseman jumped and the ball hit his glove, bouncing out and rolling towards the mound. Trillt, who had no base running sense left at the crack of the bat. The second the ball was dropped, Jeremy , as fast as lightning who played short for us was running when the ball popped out. And while the pitcher and 3rd baseman looked at the ball rolling, he came around and scored. Warren shut the A’s out in the bottom of the 11th and after 11 complete, Caps 4- A’s 2. Hall K’d 11 and the A’s pitcher K’d 17.

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